Головна Services


Institute of Innovation Development Strategies and Knowledge Transfer provides training services for scientific and scientific-pedagogical workers, as well as provides an opportunity to do an internship at the Institute.

Individual training / internship programs are designed for students working in schools, research institutions, universities, vocational (technical) education institutions, patent offices, other organizations engaged in scientific, innovative, scientific and technical, research and implementation, educational, scientific-pedagogical, scientific-organizational activities.

Institute of Innovation Development Strategies and Knowledge Transfer offers students short-term and long-term individual training / internship programs.

Forms of advanced training / internship programs: full-time, part-time, distance.

Format of training / internship programs:

1. Filling in the questionnaire, choosing the topic and the number of hours of the training / internship program;

2. Drawing up an individual program of advanced training / internship;

3. Obtaining study materials;

4. Execution of an individual task;

5. Issuance of a certificate / certificate.

There is a constant recruitment for advanced training / internship programs.