Головна About Institute

About Institute

The main purpose of the Institute is to promote innovative economic development by uniting stakeholders to fully support scientific, scientific, technical and innovative activities, promoting fruitful scientific activities in the interests of sustainable development of society.

The main activities of Institute are:

– establishing, deepening and promoting the expansion of cooperation in the field of innovative development in order to familiarize and implement innovative strategies in the political, economic, social, cultural and environmental spheres;

– support for the free exchange of experience, knowledge, specialists and information in the field of innovative development;

– providing access to information and knowledge in the field of innovative development;

– use of all means of communication and distribution of printed publications, including using information technical means of communication;

– participation in educational, scientific, cultural programs and activities on innovation development;

– improvement of professional qualification, educational level, knowledge and experience of members of the Organization and interested persons for realization of statutory activity of the Organization;

– participation in the implementation of national, regional and international research programs;

– holding all-Ukrainian and international conferences, round tables and expert seminars on strategically important issues of scientific development;

– assistance and assistance in the development of publishing, mass media, which cover scientific and scientific-technical activities.