Головна Без рубрики Strategic changes in the business environment of ukrainian enterprises

Strategic changes in the business environment of ukrainian enterprises


Strategic changes in the business environment of ukrainian enterprises

Horiashchenko Yu.

Dr. Sc. (Economics), Assoc. Prof., University of Customs and Finance, Dnipro, Ukraine

У статті представлено критичний аналіз стратегічних альтернатив українського бізнесу в умовах економічної та класичної війни. Зокрема, пропонується розробка концептуальної моделі у вигляді стратегічної карти збалансованої системи показників управління інноваційним розвитком підприємств як основи якісних стратегічних змін бізнес-середовища українських підприємств. Оцінено виклики війни для бізнес-сектора України. Результати нашого дослідження будуть корисні всім, хто вивчає проблемні питання стратегічного розвитку бізнесу у складних соціально-економічних умовах.

Ключові слова: стратегія, зміни,підприємництво,бізнес.

The article presents a critical analysis of strategic alternatives for Ukrainian business in the economic and classical war. In particular, it is proposed to develop a conceptual model in the form of a strategic map of a balanced system of indicators for managing innovative development of enterprises as a basis for qualitative strategic changes in the business environment of Ukrainian enterprises. The challenges of the war for the business sector of Ukraine are assessed. The results of our study will be useful to all who study the problematic issues of strategic business development in difficult socio-economic conditions.

Key words: strategy, changes, entrepreneurship, business.

Topicality. As of now, strategic changes in Ukrainian business are associated with hostilities in the country, and hence with a change in the goals of enterprises: strategies for survival, restructuring and liquidation of enterprises are becoming relevant. According to a study conducted by Gradus Research, in martial law as a difficulty in organizing the work of Ukrainian business, every second owner calls the lack of orders. Almost a third of respondents complain about logistics problems. Other significant problems that need to be considered when developing a strategy are the lack of raw materials, the lack of payment for orders, the lack of workers due to migration processes (at least 25% of Ukraine’s population is in the process of internal and external migration), damage or destruction of facilities, etc. So, business expects from the state tax holidays, assistance in organizing logistics, access to cheaper finances (Diagnosing the state of Ukrainian business, 2022).

Scientific novelty. In our opinion, today the systematic research of innovative development of enterprises and strategic management of them is suspended. Therefore, it is advisable to propose as a qualitative strategic change in the business environment the development of a conceptual model in the form of a strategic map of a balanced system of indicators of innovative development of enterprises.

Results. Strategic steps in these difficult times should be reinvesting funds in other areas, re-profiling or merging with stronger companies, developing enterprise growth strategies, defense strategies, export-oriented and greening strategies (so that it is not too late to change something in peacetime). An important achievement and step, which, unfortunately, was stopped by the war, was the development and implementation of sectoral export strategies of Ukraine – a strategy for the information technology sector; for the mechanical engineering sector; for the creative industries sector; for the aircraft maintenance and repair sector. That is, rebuilding business today is critical to environmental, social and corporate governance (Sokolenko, 2022).

Unfortunately, Ukraine is losing the right vector of strategic development of the industrial complex due to destruction in the metallurgy, chemical, petrochemical and many other industries. But it is through strategic planning (strategy – from the military lexicon – the art of warfare) that the military-industrial complex, as well as the social complex, will inevitably be restored.

Strategic business planning in modern conditions should be based on certain principles, including:

– prevalence of strategic orientation;

– expediency;

– generativeness;

– focus on market needs;

– complexity;

– adaptability;

– openness;

– planning;

– information security;

– equality of innovation opportunities;

– analytical support;

– continuity.

A proposal for a qualitative strategic change in the business environment can be the development of a conceptual model in the form of a strategic map of a balanced system of indicators for managing innovative development of enterprises. To its basic sectors – financial, client, business and education – should be added marketing, organizational, information technology and environmental. The main result, expressed in the parameters of the perspective – a balanced position in the strategic economic zone, must correspond to the marketing perspective. The main objectives are: to determine the competitive position of the company, analysis of the strengths of the company from the standpoint of functioning in related industries, analysis of international innovation hubs, assessment of market niches that should demonstrate significant growth in the near future, benchmarking. Organizational perspective – the creation of added value as a tool for managing innovative development, the organization of multicultural innovative entrepreneurship. Accordingly, organizational goals should be to assess the potential of innovation, optimize innovation processes, develop (or revise) new (organizational) business models, focus on intangible assets management, develop a culture of innovation, organize innovation tours, create joint projects of enterprises and scientists, adaptation of the innovation strategy of the enterprise to other strategies of development of the sphere of innovation activity of Ukraine and the EU. The main result of the information and technological perspective of enterprises will be the improvement of the context of formation of architectural practice of the enterprise on the basis of innovations, as well as qualitative change of its metamodel. Objectives will be: technical and technological assessment of innovation potential, partnership with technology centers (universities), technology scouting, improvement of IT infrastructure, competitive intelligence and comparative analysis of technologies, analysis of benefits (patents or proprietary technology), development of digital transformation roadmap, improvement of the integrated information system, development of software and hardware complex for innovation management, etc. The result of creating (or improving) a business model with elements or on the basis of a circular conceptual plan, consistency of innovation opportunities with the Sustainable Development Goals will correspond to the environmental perspective.

It is worth noting that all operational, functional, business and corporate strategies can be implemented after solving the main problems for all enterprises without exception – the shortage of labor, fuel and working capital.

Practical significance. In conditions of destabilization of socio-economic life as a result of the war, it is extremely important not to lose strategic orientations for development for both business and the public. Fortunately, we are already seeing the integration of digital technologies in high-intensity production and household processes, development strategies of Fintech, RegTech, SupTech, etc. The main goals of business in the postwar period should be: coordination of open innovation strategies; creation of profile innovation groups responsible for the development of innovation strategy; control over the organization of processes; monitoring and parity of level management; conclusion of state research contracts; establishing innovative priorities in the relationship between suppliers and the company.

It is extremely important, following the example of the State of Israel, to create large-scale projects and convince investors that even in conditions of war, Ukrainian business can be invested.

The results of our study will be useful to all who study the problematic issues of strategic business development in complex socio-economic realities.


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